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CAW75 Automatic Welding Machine

Products in berief
This welding machine is independently developed by our company by referring to related foreign advanced technologies.The lifting chain of mild alloy steel is welded by method of twice-resistance current flow, and total 19 steps includinig conveying turning welding, heading, and deburriing of chain rings are done continuously via cam, electric control and pneumatic control devices. The machine features high automation degree, possible for manual operation, inching, semi-automatic and full automatic operation,stable and reliable actions,convenient maintenance and complete failure protection function.Using PC to control the electrical devices, the machine has ranked at world-level of the same kind in terms of performance indices.The machine is used in welding of hoist circular ring chains, it can also be used for welding of other kinds of circular ring chains such as antiskid chain, decoration chain, binding chain, marine anchor chain,mine chain,etc.
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